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Perfect by Natasha Friend

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A young girl, grade 8 is very depressed because her father died two years ago.  She hates her body and becomes bulemic.  While she is at a bulemia clinic she finds out the most popular girl in school is there also…….

When you are read this book it feels like you actually know the main character.  Like you can feel her thoughts.  Many girls struggle with these types of issues and while reading it you learn why these girls may have become someone with an eating disorder.



27 Responses to “Perfect by Natasha Friend”

  1. Perfect is the best one i have read so far. the ones i have read are Perfert and Lush. They were really good books.

  2. it was aight!

  3. it was a good book that made me want to keep readin

  4. I loved this book when i opened the first page i didnt want to put it down IT IS A MUST READ BOOK READ READ READ

  5. hi im 14 and i LOVE this book. i never really read but i wanted to start and borrowed perfect from my friend. i fell in love with it. i read it twice in a row. it is just so gooodd! it feels like your friends with bella. when i started reading it i couldnt stop. its such a mix of emotions, one minute your happy then your sad then your suprised. i just loved how i felt when i read it. if you havent read t you HAVE TO!!!! you will fall in love. i cried in about 3 chapters. im going to buy lush because it seems like a really good book also. i hope it will be the same as perfect.
    you have to read it! xoxox love this book! byeee :] :]

  6. Agreed. This book is amazing, as is Lush and Bounce. I highly recommend it. ❤

  7. The book is great! once you read the 1st page you cant stop until you finish. =]


  9. This was an amazing book!

  10. What is the setting of the book?

  11. I’m 15 years old and I just got this book yesterday and got to page 100, it is such a great book. One of my close friends is anorexic so I know how the girl in the story and even how my friend feels after reading what I read. THIS IS A MUST READ X50!

  12. its was ok

  13. I must say that this book was GREAT! It was so good that I read Natasha Friend’s other two books, Lush and Bounce, which were also just as good.

  14. I have to read it for summer reading so i hope i like it because i have been throwing up meals and i hope it helps me.

  15. This is a must read book. I got this book at the library when i was in 6th grade and i didn’t like it at all. A year later i finished the book in 2 days because it was so good. ohmygosh this book was absolutely amazing. you feel like you know exactly what Isabelles feeling. If you havent read this book already, you have to read it soon!

    • i think all your books are cool, please write more and e-mail me if you can to tell me about it.!!!!!!!!!!=)=)=)=)=)=)

  16. I Loved This Book, I’m 11 yrs. and now im on like pg. 5 of Lush. I love Natasha Friend!!

  17. what is the climax for this book? btw great book!!! just wish there was more.

  18. I agree. I am not a big reader myself but i couldn’t put this book down. As i was reading this book, i felt like i was in it. Like Isabelle was talking directly to me and i could see her in my head. i totaly recommend this books to all teens. This IS a must read kind of book! xoxo 🙂

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