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Perfect by Natasha Friend

 Title:  Perfect

Author:  Natasha Friendbook cover

This is about a girl going through life without her Dad.  She is trying to fit in at school but its not happening.  Her Mom put her in therapy to try and help her.  This book is realistic and has good details.



13 Responses to “Perfect by Natasha Friend”

  1. i love this book its super interesting

    what a hard life.

  2. I just happen to love this book!

  3. I think this is an amazing book.
    Isabel went through alot.

    There was many suprises in this novel also,
    that’s what i liked so much about it.

    Keep up the great work Natasha ! ♥

  4. Adored this book. Same with Lush and Bounce. Natasha is a brilliant writer in my opinion. I love how her endings can go either way.

  5. this is a really great book that kept me from devoloping an eating disorder myself…

  6. Perfect, by Natasha Friend, is a realistic fiction story about a girl Isabelle whos father just passed away. When April “Ape Face”, Isabelles’s little ten year old sister rats Isabelle out after seeing her vomit with her fingers down her throat, her mom sends her to “Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy Group”. In this group, she learns how to cope with others, talk about her dad, and stop throwing up. She thought her life was a living hell, then the most prettiest and popular girl in school, Ashley Barnum, walks in her group. Just when she thought the popular crowd was p e r f e c t.

  7. I must add that this book was amazing, deffinatley reccomend it to everyone !!

  8. this book was depressing and sad it was kinda good but also really weird
    yea purple!

  9. A teen, known as Isabelle Lee happens to live a very hard life. Starting from the loss of her father, to her mom finding out she is bulimic. Perfect, by Natasha Friend, is a relaistic fiction story for teens of the age 11-14 and about a girl living her life at home with her mom and sister April, who is known as “Ape Face.” Isabelle one night, sneaks to the bathroom and does what is liek a daily routine for her. She sticks her fingers down her throat getting ready for the vomit to leave her system. What she doesn’t know is that she is being watched by Ape Face. Just as any other 10 year old, April decides to rat her sister out. As she does that her mom decides to send her to what is called,“Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy Group.” In this group, she ends up learning how to bond with others, talk about her dad, and stop her unhealthy habit. Walking into her first day of group, she notices the most prettiest popular girl in her school, Ashley Barnum. At that moment, for her, Everything changes.

    lmfaoo wrote it for a book review at school.

  10. PERFECT i love this book like i had to read it for my Language arts class and i was mad but after all i loved the book 😀

  11. An amazing book!!!I read it for a summer reading project for school and now i have all my friends reading books by Natasha Friend too!:)

  12. I love your book! It’s totally awesome. I love how it gave me some tips. At first I thought it would be boring but it definetely wasn’t. Your like my favorite author! My sister introduced this book to me. I kinda wanna read it again! Hahahaha. 😀

  13. weirdd ^.-

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